Colour Selection Board

Your builder will have you meet with their colour consultant to do your colour selection months before your closing. It is impossible to remember the exact colours you selected originally for items such as your tiles, carpet, hardwood, paint etc and or all other upgrades to the new home.

Why wait until PDI or closing, or having to take time out of your busy schedule to visit the décor center to review their samples.

New Home Inc will provide you with a colour board with samples of all your colour selections and/or upgrades for your new home. This is an excellent referral tool for you as you wait for your house to be built, which sometime can take up to and beyond a year after selections are done.  

Colour Boards displaying samples of your colour selections, standard and upgrades, can be custom made to order right after your Décor appointment with your builder’s colour consultant. An approximate two fold 8" x 16" hard board attractively displaying samples of your selection from the builders standard and upgrade selections, will provide you with actual visual samples for your quick reference, and will be useful in assisting you when purchasing item such as rugs, towels furniture etc for the new home still under construction.

Prices for these boards may vary depending on the size of the board and the purchasers upgrade selections.

Basic boards with just your builders samples for Floor coverings (carpet, ceramic tiles, hardwood, etc) Paint, Bathroom wall tiles, plumbing fixtures, counter tops, Cabinets, etc will be offered as standard  boards.