Client Testimonials

Typical Online Request:
Hey everyone,
We are planning to hire a home inspector for our PDI is there anyone you would recommend?

Bailey replies:
I’ll be honest with you. I’m sure Mr White and Mr O’Brien are good at what they do, but in my opinion I found that Carole DeBarry of New Home Inspections to be the best. Professional, completely honest and like mentioned already, VERY thorough. It’s money worthwhile. Don’t quote me but I am pretty sure NHI isn’t as high priced as $400.00, but even if so, its worth the money. You’ve just spent anywhere from $300,000 to maybe even $500,000 for your new home … a few hundred dollars is nothing for a good quality inspection. Carole will see things that most of us won’t and that builders don’t want you to see. Trust me. NHI did my PDI and 30 day and will be doing my 1year coming up soon. Give Carole a call; she’ll help you a lot.
Bailey. Milton ON